Want to Know About the Best Self Defense Weapons?

If you are thinking of purchasing a gun, or other "self-protection" weapons, then you know it is Essential to learn how to defense yourself, now more than ever!

Now, I am not going to tell you NOT to buy a gun or pepper spray. But, before you purchase a gun, or any other "self-protection" device, I urge you to read this first! You need to be able to make an intelligent and informed choice when purchasing something as potentially dangerous as a gun, stun-gun, or spray.

Weapons and "Self-Protection" Devices Prove Ineffective Against Crime!

You probably already know that the statistics on crime are not in your favor.

  • Crime statistics show everyone will experience a violent crime at one time or another
  • Everyone knows someone who has been a victim of a violent crime.
  • You are probably thinking that it's just a matter of time until it is your turn!

Today, not only do you have to worry about criminals, but now terrorists as well! What is this world coming to? Would you know what to do?

You may be thinking, "Well, I'll just get a gun!" Unfortunately, real-world tests have shown that overall, "self-defense" products are generally ineffective when it comes to self-defense. Why?

There are many factors that contribute, but the main reason weapons are ineffective is, if the gun, or other device, is not in your hand at the moment of attack, you will never get the chance to use it! Even if you have a stun gun or pepper spray in your purse or pocket, if caught by surprise, you won't have a chance to get it out before you get decked! Mace does you no good if it is still in the purse that just got snatched out of your hand! Tests prove that 90% of the time, you will never get the chance to reach for your weapon before you are hurt too severely to use it.

Criminals May be Dumb, but They’re Not Stupid.

Criminals are well aware of the Second Amendment and know that any victim they chose may potentially have a gun. That means they are already one step ahead of you. They already know what to do if you pull out (or even reach for) a weapon, and running away is not always part of their plan.

FBI statistics and Police reports from all over the country show that in more than half of all instances where the victim was able to get to a "protective device" (usually sprays are mentioned), the attacker knocked it out of their hand before they could use it. Police files are filled with tens of thousands of incidents of weapons taken away from the victim and used against them! It is estimated that almost one third of all gunshot victims are shot with their own gun! The figures are even higher when it comes to stun-guns and sprays.

This doesn't even include all of the incidences where the victims shoot themselves!

You May be Your Own Worst Enemy

Accidental discharge is the leading cause of gunshot wounds in both crime and non-crime reports. You may think that wouldn't happen to you, but the reports prove that it happens to even experienced gun owners.

I know of a Police officer, even after extensive training, the first time he tried to use mace against an unruly suspect, ended up spraying himself.

Unfortunately, most people have little or no training as to the safe and proper use of the weapons in their possession. What do you think will happen when they attempt to use that weapon under the stress of a real attack? Inadequate, or even improper training is the leading cause of accidental discharge involving guns, stun-guns and sprays.

There are literally millions of incidents reported where the victim couldn't get the device to work at all, mainly because of inadequate training! Even the most basic principles of weapon usage are often overlooked by owners. The figures are stunning (I couldn't resist the pun) of the number of incidents of stun guns that didn't work when needed because of dead batteries!

There are thousands upon thousands of reports of guns that wouldn't fire because the "safety" was on, and the user didn't know, forgot, or was too panicked to figure it out in time. In at least one incident I am aware of, the victim couldn't get his weapon to fire before the criminal took it away from him. Lucky for him, the criminal couldn't figure it out either.

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Defective or Fraudulent Products

I'm sure you have purchased products that didn't quite work as advertised. How can you be sure that the mace or pepper spray you buy will work as well as advertised, if at all? How will you test it? Spray yourself? Spray a friend? We're not talking about perfume! I doubt you will get any volunteers to help you.

When the criminal attacks, it is too late to find out that the pepper spray is really just water, or that the 10 million volt stun-gun doesn't deliver much more of a shock than shuffling across the carpet and touching a doorknob.

Now don't quote me out of context. Most manufacturers of "self-protective" devices put out "quality" products. However, there are a few unscrupulous dealers who try to cheat the system. They realize that even if they sell a million cans of mace, only one or two will ever be used in a real crime (you have already read why). If they ever get sued because of a faulty product, they'll just fold up shop and disappear.

Without a doubt, the biggest waste of money is the so-called noise-makers "guaranteed to produce piercing noise levels the human ear cannot withstand". Well, let's just take a moment to think about that...

If you are able to get it out in time (as we have already discussed), you are the closest one to it! You have ears just like the attacker. Are you going to also have time to put in your earplugs before using your noise-maker? Tests of these devices showed that the ones that were really loud, frightened the user more than the attacker. The fact, however, is that most of them aren't really all that loud.

I read a report that the San Diego SWAT team purchased the "very best" and biggest noise-maker available; it cost $4,000.00! They tried it out on three different real situations and found that the criminals weren't even phased by it. The noise dissipates too easily in outdoor situations making them totally ineffective. They do work better in enclosed spaces, but then the second purpose of the noise-maker is rendered ineffective.

You see, sellers of these products say that, in addition to frightening the attacker, some one will hear the alarm and either call police or come to your aid. Who will hear it if used in a closed room? If used outdoors, will it get some one else's attention? Probably. Will they respond to help you in any way? Doubtful…

In our noisy, alarm cluttered society, people rarely even look out the window when hearing an alarm. Even fewer call the police when hearing noises, and almost NONE will ever come to your aid or even attempt to help.

In one incident of a rapist escaping the scene of a crime, he went through neighborhood backyards over a four or five block area, jumping fences as he ran. The incident incurred a lot of yelling, a few gun-shots being fired, and every dog in the five-block area going nuts. Only one person called 911, the original victim.

If you buy a police radar detector that is guaranteed to work, but doesn't, the result is a speeding ticket. If you buy "self-protection devices" that don't work, the result can be severe injury or even death. Relying on someone else's guarantee is only a false sense of security that will only have bad results!

If you are serious about Self-Protection…

Your best self defense weapon is your mind. If you think about what has just been discussed, you will realize that 'weapons' will only help you in ideal situations.

Crime doesn't happen in ideal situations!

Being able to think clearly, and knowing what to do, is your best weapon when it comes to self-defense. Second best is being able to use your feet. Now, that doesn't mean to start kicking! It means that knowing when to shut up and walk away (or run) is always a much better self-defense tactic than getting into a fight.

However, if you can't get away, your hands and feet are your next best set of weapons! It is essential that you know how to defend yourself without weapons, as well as with weapons. Our Essential Self Defense program will show you how to use your entire body as a weapon, and be ten times more effective than a stun gun!

Knowing how to handle yourself when confronted with violence is your only insurance against becoming a victim, or just another statistic in a police report. You have car insurance, home-owner's insurance, life insurance, health insurance…

What insurance do you have against being the victim of a violent crime? A long-term self-defense program offers the most comprehensive training, and therefore, the best opportunity to learn to handle almost any situation that may occur. However, if you don't have the time to commit to a long-term program, at least some form of weaponless self-defense training is better than none.

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What about Martial Arts?

Traditional Martial Arts are great for disciple, self-confidence, and exercise. They can help to produce the correct mindset needed when faced with a self-defense situation. But it usually takes several years to become proficient in the more complex situations and techniques.

If you have the time to commit to a long-term training program, by all means, a martial art will provide the most comprehensive training. However, just as in choosing a self-defense weapon, you must do your homework before choosing a martial arts program. Many don't deliver the comprehensive training they promise, and most don't train you for realistic self-defense.

Far too many martial arts programs focus greatly on sports and competition. Sports and competition oriented martial arts are worthless as self-defense. They teach you to follow rules, and for the most part, there are no rules in a street fight. If you are conditioned to follow the rules, you can't do what is necessary in a dangerous situation. In fact, you will probably do the wrong thing, and get yourself hurt or even killed.

If you want to compete in combative sports, that's fine. But if you want to learn real self-defense, stay away from sports such as judo, tae kwon do, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. These don't work in real situations. If you want to learn realistic self-defense, you need to learn Budoshin Jujitsu, or Zentai Kenpo. Click on these links, or those listed below, to learn more...

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If you are serious about self-protection, your best bet is to first learn weaponless self-defense. Then, if you still want to purchase a weapon, do your homework before choosing the best weapon for you, and don't just read the instructions that come with it and think you are ready to use it.

  • Take a class on how to use it effectively, how to handle it safely, and how to maintain it so it works when you need it.
  • Take regular refresher courses so you don't forget anything about the weapon.
  • Follow all maintenance procedures on a regular basis.

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Your best bet is to learn weaponless self-defense and get the best weapon for you. Remember, you will never feel safe until you have all the tools necessary for self-protection. And the most important weapon of all is your own mind and body!

Mark A. Jordan
Rokdan (6th Degree Black Belt)
Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
Vice-President and Black Belt Board Chairman
American Ju-Jitsu Association

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