Training Lay-offs

by Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company

Last night at the Training Center, one of our students, Greg, came back after a LONG layoff (about 2 years and 30 pounds!).

What happened was, he got caught up in work, family life and all the responsibility that go along with being an adult. Consequently what happened was what happens to all of us- he stopped working out and started stress eating!

Last night he began his long road back, and while he was not the physical specimen he was 2 years ago, he still could move and hit with power! His short edge of hand strikes were sharp, his heel of hand and chin jabs were on the money and he was even able to keep up with the rest of the class. In other words: in spite of being out of shape and out of practice, he could STILL protect himself!

I'd like to say it was like he never left, but that's not true- however, even after he had been learning the Essential Self Defense system for only 8 months (over 2 years ago) he still could INSTANTLY RECALL what he had learned!

There was no "starting over". No refresher training- it was just "Let's get back to work".

Since the techniques in the Essential Self Defense System are based in gross motor skill sets and the repetition builds instinctive muscle memory- once you learn this, you do not forget it!

Even though Greg had not been training for over 2 years and got tremendously out of shape, he was still able to be effective and would still be able to protect himself successfully (and that's the result of a only a few months of consistent work-outs).

Self Defense should be just like riding a bike: once you learn it, you don't forget. It's bound to happen, something will pull you away from your routine. You may get out of shape or injured, but the Essential Self Defense System will make sure these essential, life saving skills will be there when you need it.

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Now, I'd like to say Greg made it through a two and a half hour class with no problem (after class, he promptly threw up and passed out in his car) but for the time in a long while, he was training again, and he could perform ALL of the drills like he never left. Now we just have to get him back into shape.

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