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Self Defense Lessons Are Free

If you are a resident of Studio City
self defense lessons are something you should consider...

Our streets are becoming more and more dangerous every day. Criminals are getting meaner and bolder. But if you get the best self defense training, you needn't live in fear of becoming a victim.

Most people have no idea what to do when confronted with a violent attack; they freeze with panic and do nothing. Even those who have taken some sort of self defense training find it to be totally inadequate.

As someone with 35 years of martial arts training and teaching, I know what I'm talking about. Several violent confrontations taught me that orthodox martial arts and real-world self defense is not the same thing. I needed a training program that was less sports-oriented and more specifically designed for realistic violent confrontations.

Residents of Studio City
Self Defense Special Offer

We are Now Offering
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Online Video Self Defense Training Program!

This is the very best self defense training you'll ever find, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.

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After 10 years of trial, error, developing and testing, I know the very best self defense training program solves the fundamental problems:

  1. Crime and violence can happen anywhere, at any time
  2. Anyone can become a victim, even you
  3. You can be seriously injured, or killed
  4. Most people think there's nothing you can do about it

You know society's typical advice: "Don't resist-just give them whatever they want and hope they don't hurt you." But you need to adopt the attitude that you refuse to become a victim. Having the correct mindset is the foundation of a superior self defense plan.

FBI crime statistics prove that fighting back gives you a better chance of getting away unharmed: of those that attempted some form of "self-protective" measures, 60-70% of crime victims stated that fighting back helped in their situation. But if you want total confidence in your ability to annihilate any attacker, you need to know how to fight properly.

You need a comprehensive self defense program that will, in a few short weeks, teach you to:

  • Move faster than lightning-with one very simple move, avoid getting hit in virtually any attack
  • Hit harder than a world champion fighter-with a well-placed strike, let an attacker know immediately that he picked the wrong person to mess with
  • Stop an attack with a single kick-simple, quick and unstoppable, it will put an attacker on the ground almost every time
  • Be ready for anything-seriously hurt an attacker even when the attack is from behind, or if a fight goes to ground
  • Stop a weapon attack-react immediately, without needing to recall complex techniques, to stay out of harm's way, yet close enough to inflict severe damage

Once these tactics have been drilled and internalized, supreme confidence is inevitable. Criminals and bullies can spot the persona of someone who lacks confidence a mile away and are drawn to that type of person. How confident are you that criminals will just look at you and know to stay away?

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Residents of Studio City
Self Defense Special Offer

Start your journey to insurmountable confidence in your ability to fight and defend yourself by visiting, where you can watch a free video revealing the number one secret of how anyone can defend themselves and defeat any attacker, regardless of size, in SEVEN SECONDS OR LESS!

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