Shoulder-lock Throw

This version of the Shoulder-lock Throw may be used when an attacker grabs your shirt near the collar. The pictures show that the attacker is grabbing with his right hand (see Image 1). But, it is his left hand that you need to be concerned with, as that is the hand that may be use to hit you. Therefore, you need to move toward his right side, toward the arm that he is grabbing you with. That way, you get out of the "line of attack" of his left fist, and you are in a perfect position to use his grabbing arm against him.

Jujitsu Technique

Image 1.

Jujitsu Technique

Image 2.

So, as you begin to move to his right side, grab your attackers right hand with your left hand to pin it where it is (see Image 2). Raise your right hand so your right arm goes over his right arm.

Image 3.

Once you are at his right side, strike down forcefully with your right elbow, ensuring that your triceps (back of the upper arm) hits at the point where his elbow bends.

Important: You are not trying to knock his arm free from his grip on your shirt (although you could easily do so). Notice that you keep hold of his right hand with your left hand so that it doesn't move.

Image 4.

Now continue the downward motion of your right arm and let it swing in a complete circle; down, backward, then back up, essentially wrapping it around his right arm.

Image 5.

Once you have brought your right hand under your attackers arm, you will now place it high up on his chest.

At this point (see Image 5), the shoulder-lock is set by simply pushing your hand against his chest. You may now execute the Shoulder-lock Throw by either continuing to push forcefully against his chest, or by rotating your body to the left and pulling. Go to one knee to maintain the lock.

If you like this shoulder-lock throw and would like to learn more like it, click on this link to find out how.

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