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North Hollywood residents can get the very best self defense training at the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy.

The Los Angeles Times and Daily News are reporting that gang violence is up in the once quiet San Fernando Valley, and it affects everyone! It seems that you can't even go shopping or to the movies without being concerned for your safety. You need to be prepared to defend yourself and those you care about, at any moment.

The bottom line is: No matter where you live, you need to learn self-defense NOW... In fact, your LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!

But You Must Understand Something...

99% of what people have been telling you about Martial Arts and self-defense is just plain WRONG! Most of what is taught at your local martial arts school or weekend self defense seminar will probably get you killed in a real street attack.

You see, the people who teach these classes may have the best of intentions, but they have never been faced with a real life-or-death situation. They are only guessing that the stuff they show you will work.

I can tell you from experience -- It Won't!

Most of what they teach is too complex to remember or perform under pressure. You need simple moves you can learn quickly and remember how to use them when you need it most.

At the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy, you will learn a whole new way; a better way!

Free Self Defense
North Hollywood Residents
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This is the very best self defense training you'll ever find, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.

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Just What You Need

We realize that Martial Arts is not for everyone. For many people, martial arts classes seem like nothing more than long hours of training and endless drills of boring, ineffective and overly-complex moves.

Essential Self Defense is completely different.

We have a system that gives average 'Joes' (and Josephine's) what they want: a real-world, quick-to-learn 'system' to take out practically any assailant – regardless of your size and strength.

A Realistic Approach

It's systematic. It's scientific. And it's deliberately addresses the problem most people face: wanting to learn a super-effective real-world self defense system – but not having the time to learn.

The Truth is: you simply don't NEED a thousand different moves, if you are only going to get the chance to use ONE or TWO when it comes down to a street fight.

If you've ever seen a street-fight (or been in one), then you'll know this: it happens QUICKLY. It's like a blur, and then it's done.

All you need are a few really good moves so that you can get out of danger 'ASAP.'

It's All About Power

The thug who attacks you will undoubtedly be bigger and stronger than you. The greatest concern of every person I have ever talked to about self defense, is that they will not have the POWER to overcome the force of a vicious attack coming from a determined criminal.

Let's face it: not everyone is blessed with a great degree of power that they can then apply to protect themselves. But that doesn't mean you can't learn it.

We teach you a set of fundamental striking techniques that even most "black belt" martial artists don't know how to do! In only one session, you can learn the formula that gives you a remarkable basis for striking with incredible power.

So even if you are a woman, or the smallest guy in the crowd, you can learn to strike with devastating power! No one, no matter how big they are, will ever be able to stand up to these punishing blows.

Self Defense
North Hollywood

Location, Location, Location

Once you learn HOW to hit, the only thing left is WHERE to hit! Striking someone just anywhere, won't do you any good. You have to hit the right spot! You will learn the 5 vital points to strike that can immediately end the fight. Hitting just one of these vital targets can stop the biggest bully right in his tracks (and it's not where you think).

When you learn how to REALLY hit someone – with extreme power – and couple that with hitting the correct spot – then the ability you'll have to defend yourself is beyond belief.

And we're making everything as simple as possible, so it's easily executed in a high-pressure street scenario.

Best of all it's firmly grounded in reality – not nonsense that looks flashy, but gets you nowhere in the real world. What's more, there are NO complex moves that are hard to remember and require hours of practice. And YOU can pick this material up with just a handful of classes.

So don't delay. Get started today!

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This training, this material, is completely different from anything you have ever seen or heard before... and that's exactly why it works so well. No other self defense program in the world offers these powerful techniques!

Learn it fast, learn it right!
Self Defense North Hollywood

Don't be a Victim! Take control of your own life and your own safety by taking the best self defense classes available anywhere. This course is only available in the Los Angeles area at the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy.

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Classes are held at the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy ("Self Defense North Hollywood"), and conveniently located to Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles and anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. We are the ONLY martial arts school in the San Fernando Valley to offer this PROVEN course in self-defense. This is without a doubt the BEST self-defense training in the Los Angeles area!

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