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I can't be everywhere. I get calls, emails and letters from people all the time complaining that I am not in their area, and wanting to know where they can learn the stuff I teach and talk about. If you really want to learn the basics of what I teach and the techniques that everyone should know, then I suggest you check out the Essential Self Defense program offered by The Self Defense Company.

You can't do better than this program!

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The Essential Self Defense Program

[Note: The following images are snapshots taken directly from the video, so some of them are a bit blurry. But, you can still get the important points of the program.]

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Criminals may stalk you on the street...

Or, they may come right into your home.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

This program teaches you the fundamental techniques you need to know.

You even learn to deal with multiple attackers.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

This program is taught by my good friend Damian Ross, an expert in personal protection.

It is a comprehensive package you won't find anywhere else!

Now that you know how how important it is to get the RIGHT information, click on the following link to go straight to The Self Defense Company website and order this program now.

The Self Defense Company

We are Now Offering
at our Studio City Location!

This is a LIVE, Personal Free Lesson, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.
  • Absolutely Free!
  • No Obligation!
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