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If you are thinking about Learning Self Defense
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When It Comes To Protecting Yourself, You Are All Alone!

  • Police cannot prevent crime. They can only help you after the fact.
  • Back in 1989 there were 168,881 crimes of violence for which police had not responded within 1 hour.
  • Can you imagine what the numbers are today?

It is not my intent to try and frighten you, but you need to be realistic. The bottom line is: No matter where you live, you need to learn self-defense NOW...

In fact, your LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!

But You Must Understand something very important...

99% of what people have been telling you about Martial Arts and self-defense is just plain WRONG! Most of what is taught at your local martial arts school or self defense seminar will probably get you killed in a real street attack.

You see, the people who teach these classes have probably never been faced with a real life-or-death situation. They may have the best of intentions, but they are only guessing that the stuff they show you will really work.

Unfortunately, It Won't!

Most of what they teach as even "basic" self defense is too complex to remember or perform under pressure. You need simple moves you can learn quickly and remember how to use them when you need it most.

At the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy, you will learn just such a system.

We are Now Offering
of our
Online Video Self Defense Training Program!

This is the very best self defense training you'll ever find, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.

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Self Defense
Burbank Residents Special Offer

These are the secrets that can take any person at any level... and launch you into a whole new world of confidence and self-respect.

This will change your life immediately and forever!

The skills that I will reveal are so simple, you can do them tonight! Not only that, you will do it with total confidence and fluidity.

This is easily the SIMPLEST, yet most effective system ever devised.

You don't have to be in shape, and you don't need prior skills.
The movements you use are the same ones you use for combing your hair, hammering a nail, or scratching an itch. You can learn this FAST.
Much of this stuff is over-the-top "dirty tricks."
You can't afford to fight "fair" when your life is in danger.
We keep everything simple.
You will only need to learn and remember a hand-full of moves, and that's ALL you'll need for the rest of your days, for total protection.
You can survive, bare handed against a knife.
But not the way the other guys teach it. Their methods will get you killed! The way we teach you to defend against knives is totally unique.
There are no fists in our program.
We know, from long experience, that a fist is the best way to break your hand. Instead, we shows you 4 ways to demolish an opponent without every clenching your fist for a second.
These ground fighting tactics are different than anything you've seen in the street or the UFC.
This is what people in the field use, when there really AREN'T any rules. We use these simpler, slightly more crude, but amazingly effective new moves.

When it comes to learning self defense Burbank residents should consider only the very best training available in the entire Los Angeles area.

Self Defense for the Modern Age

With Essential Self-Defenseā„¢ you will learn a wide variety of powerful techniques adapted for modern street situations. There is no need to rely upon your own size and strength, but rather, you will learn to use the attacker's size and strength against him. That is why anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can learn to protect themselves.

Self Defense Burbank Residents Special Offer

[Side Note: Get all the details about what kind of self defense Burbank residents will learn at the San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy (if you haven't already) by clicking on this link.]

This training, this material, is completely different from anything you have ever seen or heard before... and that's exactly why it works so well. No other self defense program in the world offers these powerful techniques!

Don't be a Victim! Take control of your own life and your own safety by taking the best self defense classes available anywhere. This course is only available in the Los Angeles area at the Studio City Self Defense Academy.

San Fernando Valley
Martial Arts -- Black Belt -- Jujitsu Program
Now Taking Enrollments for New Students!
at our Van Nuys Location!

This is a LIMITED OFFER, since class sizes are purposely kept small. Learn Jujitsu from Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Jujitsu.

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Classes are held at the Van Nuys Self Defense Academy and conveniently located to Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles and anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. We are the ONLY martial arts school in the San Fernando Valley to offer this PROVEN course in self-defense. This is without a doubt the BEST self-defense training in the Los Angeles area!

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Self Defense Burbank Residents Special Offer

Learn it fast, learn it right!
San Fernando Valley Self Defense Academy

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