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The harsh reality is that our streets are becoming more and more dangerous every day. Now more than ever, it is essential to learn self defense. You have car insurance, home-owner's insurance, life insurance, health insurance... What insurance do you have against being the victim of a violent crime?

Attitude!-the Foundation of Self Defense

There is only one question you need ask yourself: "Am I willing to hurt someone who wants to hurt me?" If the answer is "yes", you have the correct mindset for self defense training.

If you think you need to be well-trained in martial arts to confront your attacker, think again. Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) tell us that 60-70% of crime victims stated that some form of "self-protective measures" helped in their situation. This is why we believe that when your life or safety is threatened, you are much better off fighting back.

You have to accept a simple fact: you will never escape your attacker unless you hurt him. You need to cause him enough discomfort that he begins to realize he picked the wrong target. The quickest way to do this is with a WELL PLACED strike with the hand, elbow, knee or foot.

Self Defense
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Self Defense
Sherman Oaks Residents Get Special Offer

Most Self Defense Programs are Totally Inadequate!

Once you have the right attitude, learning the techniques you need is easy. But not just any training program will do. Some don't show proper striking techniques that will really work when you need them; and, of those that do, many don't teach you what to do if those strikes fail to do the job, or if you're in a position where you can't use them, such as having been grabbed or forced to the ground. Almost none teach realistic defenses against an attacker with a weapon, and some don't recognize that acting against an attacker with a weapon must be a last resort only: if you are convinced your life is in danger!

Most programs are totally inadequate for dealing with violence in the real world-that is, on the streets, where anything can happen at any moment. Far too many self defense programs are modeled on orthodox martial arts training, which are too regimented for the average person. You need a comprehensive program that utilizes proven techniques covering every possible scenario--easy-to-learn techniques; easy to recall under stress; that don't require years of training to master; and can be used by anyone.

Plan for Your Safety with a Comprehensive Self Defense Training Program

You know that you have so much more control over events if you plan for them. It's the same with self defense. You know that your safety is of paramount importance-so plan for it. A good self defense training program will give you the tools to build a safe and confident future!

You could be attacked tomorrow! You need to learn self defense NOW! Freezing with panic and doing nothing is the surest way to becoming a victim. You must ACT! Moreover, you can act with the devastating confidence and efficiency instilled in you by a comprehensive, real-world self defense training program, the surest way to saving yourself a serious injury, or even your life.

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Self Defense
Sherman Oaks Residents Get Special Offer

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