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Learn Essential Self-Defense™
The World's Most Powerful Self Defense Programs!

If you want to learn to defend yourself, you want to know that the techniques you learn will really work! You want to learn the most powerful form of self-protection ever devised.

With the Essential Self Defense Program, you will learn simple, but devastatingly effective self-defense techniques that only a few Martial Arts Masters know how to do!

Learn how to immediately turn any thug into a whimpering crybaby!

This is not your typical self defense course. Other programs teach unproven methods that won't work when you really need it. Our self defense program is based on the martial art of Jujitsu -- the proven method of self-protection!

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of our
Online Video Self Defense Training Program!

This is the very best self defense training you'll ever find, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.

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This is Real Self-Defense, For Real People, For Real Life, and for a Real Edge!

Are You Gambling with Your Life? You are if you know nothing at all about self-defense! And, if you have taken other self defense programs, you may not have learned what it takes to survive a real attack!

You need to learn Essential Self-Defense™ and get the only self defense proven to work in all types of situations!

No matter what you have heard, the fact is, our streets are becoming more and more dangerous every day. Criminals are getting meaner and bolder. They are coming right into our homes, and they don't even wait until you are away!

Who is going to protect you? The Police? Unfortunately, the Police can't help you until after the crime has already occurred, if you survive it!

Don't be a Victim! Take control of your own safety by taking the best self defense course available anywhere. Learn simple, yet powerful techniques that could someday save your life. With Essential Self-Defense™, the proven self defense program, you will learn the most effective tactics needed to survive attacks on a dark street corner, at a crowded public event, or even in your home.

You will learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and you will know exactly what to do when your life or safety is threatened. This is not an aerobics or exercise class. This is a real self defense program that works! Cardio-kickboxing? Tae Bo? Don't fool yourself. That stuff never works in real life!

Essential Self-Defense™ is the most powerful self defense programs ever created, and you can only find it in one place. ESD is based entirely on principles from the ancient Japanese martial art of Ju-jitsu, and has been proven over the centuries to be unequaled in its adaptability to any situation. You can't afford to gamble with imitations when your life is on the line!

Other martial arts based self defense programs can't even come close to the vast amount of knowledge you will gain from even one session of ESD!

Don't Think That It Can Happen to You?

Bad Self Defense Programs

Think Again! It is Essential to learn self-defense, now more than ever!

You can bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and think, "It won't happen to me!" But, I can give you at least five good reasons why that is a dangerous attitude.

Reason #1. The statistics are not in your favor.

  • Crime statistics show everyone will experience a violent crime at one time or another
  • Everyone knows someone who has been a victim of a violent crime.
  • It's just a matter of time until it is your turn!

Reason #2. Today, not only do you have to worry about criminals, but now terrorists as well! What is this world coming to? Would you know what to do? That's exactly why you need our self defense program.

Reason #3. You may be thinking, "Well, I'll just get a gun!" Unfortunately, real-world tests have shown that overall, weapons (or other "self-defense" products) are actually ineffective when it comes to self-defense. Why?

Pepper Spray If the weapon is not in your hand at the moment of attack, you will never get the chance to use it! Even if you have a stun gun or pepper spray in your purse or pocket, if caught by surprise, you won't have a chance to get it out before you get decked! Mace does you no good if it is still in the purse that just got snatched out of your hand! Tests prove that 90% of the time, you will never get the chance to reach for your weapon before you are hurt too severely to use it.

[Side Note: Learn more about why weapons are NOT the primary element of a good self defense program. Click on this Link.]

Reason #4. Your best self defense weapon is your mind. If you think about what has just been discussed, you will realize that 'weapons' will only help you in ideal situations.

Crime doesn't happen in ideal situations!

Stun Gun

Being able to think clearly, and knowing what to do, is your best weapon when it comes to self-defense. Second best is being able to use your feet. Now, that doesn't mean to start kicking! It means that knowing when to shut up and walk away (or run) is always a much better self-defense tactic than getting into a fight.

However, if you can't get away, your hands and feet are your next best set of weapons! We will show you how to use your entire body as a weapon, and be ten times more effective than a stun gun!

Reason #5. Knowing how to handle yourself when confronted with violence is your only insurance against becoming a victim, or just another statistic in a police report. You have car insurance, home-owner's insurance, life insurance, health insurance...

What insurance do you have against being the victim of a violent crime?

Essential Self-Defense™ is the insurance you need against violent crime! It's the best self defense program you will find anywhere.

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You Must Understand the Threat!

Most people don't realize that Simple Assault is by far the most common violent crime in America. It can be anything from a fight in the parking lot, to domestic violence, and constitutes more than 60% of all reported violent crime. Robbery is less than 5% of all violent crime. Rape and murder combined, is only about 1%.

Because it is so common, Simple Assault is not news, so you don't hear about it. In fact, the reason that rape, robbery and murder get all the headlines is that they are actually rare, in relation to assault.

Intimidation, which is the "threat" of physical violence (but violence, none the less), is about 12% of all violent crimes. Since you never hear about it, you don't think about it. Aggravated assault (when a weapon is used) is another 18% of violent crimes.

When you add it all up, aggravated assaults, simple assaults and intimidation account for a full 90% of all violent crime!

Most self defense programs don't even deal with the most common threats. The reality is, if you are ever to be the victim, or potential victim, of a violent crime, it is more than likely going to be an Assault of some sort, not robbery, rape or murder.

In other words, there are a lot of angry people out there that don't want anything from you…

They just want to beat you up!

Another reason people aren't aware of the dangers of Assault is, it is not always perpetrated by those you would typically classify as criminals. Sometimes, the most even-tempered and seemingly least likely among us can "snap" in a fit of road rage, or from having their "personal space" invaded once too often.

It could happen anywhere, and at anytime. Will you be ready for it? Will you be able see it coming? Awareness of how to recognize potential threats should be a central part of any self defense program. But, only ESD provides it!

How Will You Protect Your Family from Violence?

Self Defense Programs

You probably have insurance to help protect your family if they were to suddenly become ill. But, what have you done to protect them from an equally sudden threat… random violence?

Essential Self-Defense™ is a comprehensive self defense program designed to arm you with the knowledge and skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. You'll be surprised how much you really can do to protect your family.

If you have someone counting on you to make their world a safer place, the Essential Self-Defense™ course is the answer. ESD will teach you to easily deal with the most common form of violent crime - assault. Why is it important? It is the violent crime most likely to occur while your family is with you!

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is ultimately your responsibility. Don't rely only on the police. They will help when they can, but they can't be everywhere all the time. Don't rely on other people on the street to step in, they probably won't want to get involved. Cries for help may never even be heard, much less answered. You must be prepared before disaster strikes to be sure you survive it. Are you prepared for a violent attack?

Even though Assault is the most common (and most likely) form of violent crime, we don't forget about the other threats to your safety. Rape and robbery - our self defense programs teach you how to deal with those crimes as well!

Rape is about Power, not sex. Once you know how to take away the attacker's power over you, he cannot rape you!

How do you take away the rapist's Power? Learn ESD and find out how simple it really is!

[Side Note: Are you concerned about Rape? Don't rely on "women's self defense" courses to help you. Find out why most Women's Self Defense Programs may do more harm than good. Click on this Link.]

Self Defense Programs

Robbers use weapons. In over 60% of robberies, some form of weapon was used. Guns are used in 40% of all robberies.

Give them your money, jewelry, car keys, anything they ask for. It's not worth taking the chance of getting killed over a bunch of stuff that can easily be replaced. But never, never, never, give up your body.

If they make demands of your body, you must refuse to do what they want! This would be orders such as, "get in the car", or "come with me". Any command to move from your present position should be fiercely refused. Any such request must be assumed to be a threat of imminent danger. At that point, it is time to ACT!

At ESD, we show you exactly what to do in this situation, and it works every time! There are no other self defense programs that can make this claim.

Be a Good Citizen! Fight Crime!

"Evil prevails when good people stand by and do nothing."

Your motto, as a good citizen, should be:
I will not allow the criminals to win.

Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) tell us that between 60% and 70% of crime victims stated that some form of "self-protective measures" helped in their situation. This is why we believe that when your life or safety is threatened, you are much better off to fight back.

You need to take responsibility for your own safety, nobody else can, or will. You need to understand the dangers of the world we live in, and take protective action. You need an effective self defense program.

There is only one question you need to ask yourself, "Am I willing to hurt someone who wants to hurt me?" If you can answer "yes" to that question, that is all you need in order to have the correct mindset for Essential Self-Defense™. You see, once you have it clearly in your mind that you will do your very best to protect yourself and those you care about, nothing can stop you!

Size, strength and to some extent, even knowledge, play only a small roll when the mind is determined to do something.

But you need to learn the correct actions! And that's exactly what you will learn in our self defense program.

Armed with Essential Self-Defense™, you will become a criminal's worst nightmare!

Are you ready to sign up for the world's best self defense program? Then follow this link to find out how to get started Today!.

You Can Do It!

With ESD, you will learn all of the secret "quick & dirty" techniques that will have the criminals crying "foul"! Our self defense program doesn't have to follow any rules.

You will learn to inflict intense and immediate pain on your attacker. And you will be amazed just how easy it is to do, if you know the dirty little tricks that the criminals don't want you to know.

San Fernando Valley
Martial Arts -- Black Belt -- Jujitsu Program
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This is a LIMITED OFFER, since class sizes are purposely kept small. Learn Jujitsu from Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Jujitsu.

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Anyone Can Do It!

Even with all of your awareness, planning and prevention, there is no guarantee that you won't get attacked anyway! The last thing you want is to become another statistic on a police report!

Criminals are lazy, cowardly thugs. They pick people they think will be easy targets. You, on the other hand, will immediately show them they picked the wrong target. When you create that kind of doubt in the criminal's mind, he gives up very easily.

You will learn powerful self-defense techniques which will give you the fighting chance you need to survive an attack. The techniques you will be learning take no special skill, conditioning, strength, stamina or practice (except what you will get in the class). They are designed to be the most effective ways to quickly disable an attacker so you can GET AWAY! Remember that. All you want to do is get away, unharmed!

You will learn Dynamic Striking Techniques! Pain is the only language the thug understands, and you will learn how to get the message across Loud & Clear!

It is a simple fact, you will never escape your attacker unless you hurt him. You need to cause him enough discomfort that he begins to realize he picked the wrong target. The quickest way to do this is with a WELL PLACED strike with the hand, elbow, knee or foot.

With our self defense program, you will learn simple but powerful striking techniques to create maximum pain, instantly!

You will learn where to strike to get the quickest reaction (and it's not where you think)!

It is a little known secret that Jujitsu has the most powerful striking techniques of any martial art, and you learn them here! Forget about breaking boards! You'll learn to break noses and arms!

You will learn how to escape even the strongest grabs and holds!

If someone bigger grabs you around the neck, how do you get away? Think it's impossible? Think again! Jujitsu based self defense programs will teach you how to make the guy want to let go of you, because he doesn't want to get hurt any more!

Attackers don't always try to hit you! In fact, most fights start with a grab of some sort.

Self Defense Programs

Assaults are about control! The attacker wants to demonstrate that he can control you. Then they will push you or pull you wherever they want you to go. The only way for them to do this is to grab you.

How will you deal with it?

The trick is not to panic! There is always a way to deal with it. And sometimes it is so simple you wonder why you don’t know it already.

You will learn the secret to escape any hold or grab, no matter how strong or how tight. This one little secret is worth the price of the course!

We will put you through virtually every possible scenario and show you what to do! Your confidence will soar!

Our self defense program will show you simple but powerful ways to escape any situation unharmed!

Ground Defenses – There is always a chance you will end up on the ground. The ground is the last place you want to be, because you have such limited mobility. But you never know what may happen. The attack may surprise you. It may happen so quickly that you have no time to react. You may find yourself on the ground with someone on top of you before you even know what happened. In that case, you need to know what to do.

Even if you only weight 120 pounds, you can easily move a 240 pound guy off of you if you learn this one simple technique. You won't believe how easy it is, once you know how! But we don't just show you one technique for any given situation, we show you several.

This is where other martial arts based self defense programs fall short. Some don't show proper striking techniques that will really work when you need them. Others don't teach how to deal with grabs and ground defenses. Only jujitsu based self defense classes can address these issues. Only ESD has it all!

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Dealing with Weapons

Make no mistake about it, weapons are extremely dangerous. To act against a criminal with a weapon must be done only as a last resort, if you are convinced your life is in danger!

Some self defense programs lead you to believe that it is easy to deal with weapon attacks. Dealing with weapons is never easy, but it is possible to survive a weapon attack with the correct training.

Guns. Guns are the weapon of choice for robbers. Guns are incredibly intimidating because of their power. Criminals know this, whether they plan to actually use it or not. In fact, they are hoping that you will be so intimidated by it that you will comply with their demands, and they won’t have to use it. Knowing this can be used to your advantage.

Believe it or not, you CAN dodge a bullet.

We will show you how! Gun self-defense

Knife self-defense

Knives. In a way, knives are more dangerous than guns, because there are two things you need to be concerned about with knives. The point, and the edge. The point is like the bullet from a gun. It moves in a straight line and can penetrate. The edge, or blade is another story. It can move in any direction, and is dangerous in all of them.

A cut to a vital area is deadly! We will show you how to control a knife attack, and survive it!

No other self defense programs in the world offer these powerful techniques!


The reason so many people become victims, is they panic in even a non-threatening situation. Many of us have been so conditioned by media hype, movies, and even so-called "experts" giving misleading information, to the point we feel helpless. This can make us fearful in situations were we aren't really even in danger, such as a stranger grabbing your arm or wrist.

If you have no idea how to handle the situation, you panic. You may do the wrong thing, or nothing at all, both of which make the situation worse. That's when you become a VICTIM! If you know what to do when it happens, there is no need to panic! You have power and control. You become less fearful.

This self defense program, however, is not intended to make you FEARLESS. Contrary to popular belief, fear is good. Fear is a natural reaction to an uncertain situation. Fear is what makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to let you know something is wrong. Every sound becomes amplified. Your eyes dilate providing greater peripheral vision. Your heartbeat intensifies to pump adrenaline throughout your body. It triggers the "fight or flight" response, and whichever you chose, you will do with greater speed, strength, and mental alertness.

With ESD, you will learn to use fear in your favor!

Panic, on the other hand, is what happens when we let our fear get out of control. When we panic, both our minds and our bodies freeze up. When you panic, you can't think and you can't ACT. The sole purpose of this self defense program is to give you the proper information, so in case the situation ever arises, you know there is a way out of it, and there is no need to PANIC, even though you are afraid!

Don't Settle for Imitations!

Essential Self-Defense™ is one of the most powerful self defense programs ever created, and you can only find it in one place. ESD is based entirely on principles from the ancient Japanese martial art of Ju-jitsu, and has been proven over the centuries to be unequaled in its adaptability to any situation. You can't afford to gamble with imitations when your life is on the line!

You could be attacked tomorrow! You need to learn self defense NOW! You don't have time to learn complex acrobatic moves. They don't work anyway!

You need a self defense program that not only works, but is fast and easy to learn. Jujitsu has always been recognized as one of the world's most powerful martial arts. But what most people don't realize is that Jujitsu techniques are based on natural body movements, making them easy to learn and easy to do! Once you learn how simple these techniques are, you will wonder why everyone doesn't know them already.

There is no equal to Essential Self-Defense™. No other self defense program in the world is proven to work in every situation, like ESD. There are many that try to imitate it, but none come close. We have proven it over and over again -- a self defense program must be based on the principles of Jujitsu. Otherwise, it simply will not work.

One thing that cannot be denied; when faced with violence, you must ACT! Don't just stand there and take it. Move, shout, strike back, anything, just do something! If you freeze, you could get killed.

We are Now Offering
of our
Online Video Self Defense Training Program!

This is the very best self defense training you'll ever find, conducted by Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Self Defense.

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Take Action!

ESD teaches you to ACT! After taking our self-defense classes, you will act with confidence, knowing that you will be able to handle any situation. But these Jujitsu techniques are potentially devastating, so you must be careful not to go too far! Our self defense programs are so powerful they come with a warning!

Your ultimate goal in any self-defense situation is to GET AWAY unharmed! In every case, the technique is designed to hurt him badly enough that he can't, or won't, chase you. Once you complete the technique, you may want to continue wailing on your injured attacker, or at least stand over him and gloat.

Self Defense Secrets

This isn't the time to get macho. First of all, there are laws against excessive force. If you do more than is necessary to ESCAPE, you run the risk of a lawsuit, or even jail.

But don't worry. ESD teaches Control, and how to use just the right amount of force. After all, you have the right to self-defense! Use it!

Dirty Tricks?

Some people may call what we do Dirty Tricks. What do you care? If it gets an attacker to let go of you, does it matter if anyone thinks it is a Dirty Trick? Who says you have to play fair when your life or safety is threatened? Is your attacker being fair? I don't think so!

Our self defense program is not based on some new untested theory. The same Jujitsu techniques that worked for Samurai warriors 400 years ago will work for you today! Why? How do I know? Because they have been proven time and time again. Don't settle for imitations or theory. Learn Self Defense that Works!

You know that in life you have so much more control of events if you plan for them.

It is the same with self-defense. If you realize that your safety is important, which you obviously do since you are reading this, you can begin to plan for it. We will give you the tools to build a safe and confident future!

Don't delay! Click Here to Start Learning Essential Self-Defense™ Now!

If you want to learn more than just a few self-defense tricks to escape an attacker, then you will want to learn more about the different forms of martial arts that have actually continued to improve over time. "Complete" martial arts have all of the tools necessary to be able to evolve and adapt with the times. Follow these links to learn more:

  • Budoshin Jujitsu - Budoshin Jujitsu Schools (Dojo) are the very best martial arts schools you can find. These martial arts schools offer more than most jujitsu schools; they provide complete martial arts instruction. This is a great follow-up program to our Essential Self Defense Programs.
  • Combat Jujitsu - Combat Jujitsu is used by US Military Special Operations Forces! It is the deadliest martial art known to man, and would certainly be classified in the category of Extreme Martial Arts. This is for those who want the Ultimate Self Defense Program.

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