Learn Extreme Martial Arts at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy

The Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy is located in the heart of
the San Fernando Valley in Van Nuys, California.

Just off the 405 Freeway, 1 block south of Sherman Way, right next to the Van Nuys Airport.

Are you searching for a self-protection method
that really works?

Then look no farther than the Combat Jujitsu Boot Camp at the
LA Jiujitsu Academy!

Watch this video for a brief demonstration of some of the techniques you'll learn.

Mark Jordan, Master Instructor of the Combat Jujitsu Bootcamp, and undoubtedly the world's foremost expert on hand-to-hand combat, invites you to train in the only program of it's kind in the Los Angeles area.

Read carefully what he has to say...

"Unfortunately, 90% Of What You Learn In Martial Arts Schools, Self Defense Seminars And All the Videos and DVD's You Can Buy, Will Get You Killed In A Real Attack On The Street."

It's pathetic how many clueless, poorly trained people are walking around the streets of Los Angeles thinking they could take out anybody that threatened them. They firmly believe the stuff they were taught in bad martial arts schools, worthless self-defense seminars they attended, or a cheap video they bought, will really work in an honest to goodness, no holds barred, street fight.

But when confronted by a 297 pound skinhead, fresh out of jail, ripped on crystal-meth that thinks you just made a nasty comment about his mother...

I'll tell you something...

It won't work!

You see, most martial arts schools and self-defense seminars don't train you for realistic street attacks.

Most martial arts are actually just sports that train you to go 15 rounds with an equally matched opponent. That is absolutely the WRONG approach to learning self-protection.

Here's why:

  • The natural effect of real life aggression and violence caused 90% of martial artists in real life fights to stop and become frozen with fear. The amount of adrenaline pumped into your body from a sudden impulse of aggression or violence can be brutal if you're not prepared for it!
  • Much of the stuff being taught in martial arts schools, is too tricky and complex to remember in a violent attack. Many martial arts teach their students how to respond in the studio, without any real emphasis on reality based self defense.
  • Sparring is not reality training, it's competition, and it is totally unrealistic! Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu methods will get you killed in a real street fight. Most of the stuff being taught today just won't work in a real, life or death situation.

Most of what is being taught now is just plain wrong! 90% of it is nothing more than hodge-podge systems put together by someone with no real experience in street-fighting.

You must stick with Proven methods...

Combat Jujitsu is the PROVEN method of
Self Protection you will learn at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy!

  • No one else is teaching what I teach
  • No one else has the knowledge that I have
  • No one else has the experience I have

Everyone else is teaching MMA tricks and other junk that won't work in a real fight. All they want to do is to take your money and deliver third-rate training.

I doesn't matter what the other guys are telling you, they can't back it up. I've seen their fancy websites and all the polished videos. It all looks good to the untrained, but those guys are just pretenders. They don't know a single move that will actually work on the street.

Many have tried to prove me wrong and have challenged me, and they have all failed. But most won't even try, because they know their stuff won't work.

At the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, you'll learn more in three months than those other guys will teach you in three years!

Nothing compares to what I offer. I Guarantee it!

Click Here to Get the World's Best Self Defense Course

Many People Ask Me, "Is there really a way you can learn to defend yourself in virtually any situation, quickly and easily?"

Yes, But Here's What You Must Know!

What really counts in a real street-fighting situation is avoiding injuries, while inflicting explosive damage on your enemy in under 5 seconds of the attack beginning.

Any fight that lasts more than 10 seconds means that you are in serious trouble. You need to learn to take him out immediately!

Self defense needs to be simple enough to use in a state of panic and be useful regardless of your shape, physical health or experience.

You must be able to execute techniques with "lightning speed".

But most of all, you must learn the CORRECT tactics and practice under Competent Supervision!

That's exactly what you get at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, located in Van Nuys, California.

Yes, the solution is our Combat Jujitsu System that contains the following benefits:

  1. It is quick and effective regardless of the body type of the attacker, even one much larger and stronger.
  2. It addresses real street "situations" instead of the typical studio environment.
  3. It contains a minimum amount of techniques that are easy to learn and easy to remember.

at our Van Nuys Location!

This is our Exclusive Top-of-the-Line Course, conducted by
Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in
Combat Jujitsu.
  • No one else offers this superior level of training!
  • Get your first lesson RISK FREE! See it for yourself.
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Here's just some of what you'll learn at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy:

  • Defending against the 'sucker punch'! One of the most common attacks by muggers, brawlers and street criminals.
  • Street defenses against a 'kicker'.
  • Defenses from on your back against punches and chokes.
  • Defending against sticks and bats.
  • How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.
  • How to defend against an attacker who attempts to pick you up... and slam you down.
  • Disarming and disabling an armed assailant.
  • Plus dealing with grabs, pushes, tackles, headlocks and so much more...

You'll learn all this quickly and easily, regardless of your athletic ability... in a way that's fun and exciting to practice. You will soon have an unfair advantage over any attacker. Nothing compares to the self-defense training you will receive at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy!

Take The One and Only

Sign Up for the Next Scheduled Combat Jujitsu Training at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, Right Now!

A Natural, Utterly Simple Fighting System That Can Defeat Any Other Fighter Instantly!


With our Proven System, you can defend yourself in any situation, in any place, against any person, and against any common weapon.

Get realistic, effective training. It's your advantage over Anyone! Our training is effective for males and females. Unlike most self defense systems, our system is NOT a sport. Our system is 100% street oriented and ensures that you get training for defending and surviving in real situations, in any environment.

You will learn to defend against all modern weapons threats. Defend from any position including standing, kneeling, compromised positions and ground positions. At the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, we train you using only proven principles of combat. Nothing else works when your life is at risk.

Effective training is the best tool for gaining skill and self confidence for successful defense.

Self Defense Secrets

Simplified, Quick Training: Learn techniques today and apply them immediately.

Our revolutionary teaching technique ensures a speedy training period. Complex tactics and maneuvers are simplified so you learn realistic self defense application in a tenth of the time that other training systems require. This is effective and quick training for those who are serious about martial arts training.

Our training is the Best! It's as plain as that.

At the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, we offer you the most comprehensive unarmed self-defense system available anywhere in the world. Our focus is on reality-based training, and we ensure that everything that you learn applies to real-life situations. We will teach you how to defend yourself against hand strikes, leg strikes, grabs, holds, chokes, multiple attackers, weapon attacks, and much more!

Our sophisticated training tactics will have you trained in the shortest amount of time possible. More importantly, we will increase your self-confidence and awareness, and provide you with skill sets that work in real-life situations. No other self-defense system in the world comes close to the material that we will give you, in the time frame that we can teach you. If you are looking for a practical self-defense system that is suitable for males and females, and something that you can learn fast, then the Combat Jujitsu System is for you.

These are all combat proven techniques (not theory). Its all easy to learn, easy to remember, and even easier to use... with truly effective and devastating results. With this 'never-fail' combat knowledge, you can demolish thugs, humiliate multiple attackers twice your size, and feel totally safe and comfortable in any situation you might find yourself in.

Do you think you have what it takes to learn Combat Jujitsu at the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy? If you qualify, you can learn the same techniques used by Special Operations Forces to take down the bad guys.

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Get the most powerful, the hardest hitting, cutting-edge training in martial arts today! And you don't even need to be big, fast or strong to do it!

The Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy is convenient from anywhere in North Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. So, if you live in

  • Burbank/Glendale
  • North Hollywood/Studio City
  • Northridge, Encino and Sherman Oaks

the Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy is where you need to be!

We are the ONLY martial arts school in the entire Los Angeles area to offer three PROVEN courses in self-defense and martial arts:

Essential Self Defense
A short term introductory course where you can see first hand just how powerful this system really is!
Budoshin Jujitsu
Where you learn every aspect of the martial arts, and "secret" techniques that only a few high-ranking Black Belts in the entire world know.
Zentai Kenpo
Otherwise known as Combat Jujitsu, where you get the exact same training that military Special Operations Forces, like the Navy SEALs and British SAS commandos use. This is hardcore street-fighting of the highest level.

This is without a doubt the Best self-defense and martial arts training in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley!

Learn it fast, learn it right!

Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy
7054 Gerald Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

Get Directions to our SECRET Training Facility by
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Mark A. Jordan
Master Instructor
Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy

Can't Attend the Live Classes?

Learn How REAL Fighters Do It!

Spec Ops Training

Study from the ACTUAL training manuals used by the most feared military forces in the world!

You can now directly download SIX training manuals containing techniques that are absolutely guaranteed to work 100% of the time... moves so effective they are only taught to the elite fighting forces of the world.

Download these manuals now:

  • Close Combat - United States Marine Corp. 243 pages!
  • Kill or Get Killed - US Marines - 440 pages!
  • The Navy SEAL Fitness Guide - 300 pages!
  • and much more!
You'll get over 1400 pages of real self-defense training!

Get the deadliest fighting books on the planet for a one-time fee of only $49.99 USD! You will have instant access to a special download page, where you can save these crucial training books to your computer in .pdf format!

Order NOW while these manuals are still available!

Follow these links for information on Budoshin Ju-jitsu!

Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai

American Ju-Jitsu Association

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