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Many techniques shown for knife defenses do not reflect the types of attacks one may actually encounter in the real world. Someone showing you a knife, then lunging at you from six feet away, is not a realistic attack. You must train for scenarios that may really happen.

The biggest mistake most people make, is believing that it is simple to take a knife out of an attacker's hand. The truth is, no attacker will give up his weapon as easily as many would have you believe. Going straight for the weapon will more than likely force you into a struggle, and that will always lead to bad results.

Another common mistake is thinking that a basic joint-lock will always take the opponent down. If you haven't taken into account every factor, making such assumptions could be a deadly mistake. If the assailant is holding onto you with one hand, your joint-lock will not work, because he has stabilized himself with the grabbing hand. He will not go down as long as he is holding onto you. In fact, if he does go down, he will take you with him. Rolling around on the ground with a knife-wielding attacker is a truly bad situation to be in.

The following knife defense technique shows how it is possible to "control the weapon", to avoid getting cut, then using it to deal with the grab. Only then will you be able to effectively deal with the attacker.

[Side Note: Engaging an attacker who has a weapon is an extremely risky move. There are many factors to consider before making such a decision. By demonstrating this technique, I am assuming you have considered all of the options and concluded you have no other choice.]

With a knife at your throat (image 1), and the attacker's other hand grabbing your shirt, you have a real problem. In this type of "combination" attack, you must deal with both the grab and the knife if you have any expectation of escape.

Jujitsu Knife Defense

Image #1

First, you must secure the knife hand to ensure you don't get cut, as that is the most serious threat. Get one hand on his wrist and turn slightly away. This allows you access to get your other hand inside.

Jujitsu Knife Defense

Image #2

Always make sure you get a good grip with both hands to make sure he can't pull free. The most common assumption is that you could immediately perform a "hand throw" from this position, but as we have previously discussed, it won't work because he is stabilized by his other hand. You must get him to let go of your shirt.

Jujitsu Knife Defense

Image #3

Hold his hand tightly against your chest so that he can't pull away.

Jujitsu Gun Defense

Image #4

Turn toward the grabbing hand and use the knife to slice down across his wrist. You can be sure he will let go.

Jujitsu Gun Defense

Image #5

Now you can do your "hand throw", because he has no way of resisting it.

Jujitsu Knife Defense

Image #6

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[These are not staged photos. They were taken while I was talking and instructing how to do the technique. That is the reason for the strange facial expressions.]

Title: Knife Defense

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