Jujitsu Kneestrike

The difference between a Jujitsu Kneestrike, and strikes used in other martial arts, is that the only purpose of the strike is set up a following move. In this variation of the shoulder-lock takedown, I demonstrate how a well-placed strike is a quick and effective way to put an opponent on the defensive. This technique is very effective against a grab & punch - a very common street attack. Watch the video demonstration, then read through the point-by-point explanation to learn exactly how this technique works.

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The Finer Points of the Jujitsu Kneestrike

[Note: The following images are snapshots taken directly from the video, so some of them are a bit blurry. But, you can still see the important points of the technique.]

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 1

A grab & punch is a very common street attack. The Jujitsu Way to deal with such an attack is to use the weak attack (the grab), against the strong attack (the punch).

Step 2

As soon as the opponent grabs your shirt with his left hand, begin by resting your right hand on top of his arm, at the elbow (you'll see why later).

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 3

As he starts to punch you with his right fist, slide to the right, off the line of attack, and cover to protect your head.

Step 4

Grab his clothing at the shoulder with your left hand so he can't back away. Never give your opponent a chance for a second attack.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 5

Pull his body toward you while delivering a powerful jujitsu kneestrike to his bladder.

Step 6

Now that he is properly set up, you can easily slip your right hand inside his left arm and take him to the ground with a shoulder-lock.

Now that you know how the technique works, I suggest you go back to the top of the page and watch the video again. Then you will truly understand how to put it all together.

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