Jujitsu Defense Against
A Head-butt or Knee-strike

Jujitsu techniques work best when they are immediate, conditioned responses to attacks. When an attacker grabs your shirt with both hands and starts to pull, there are only two things that may follow, and neither one of them is good. He could pull you into a knee-strike, which is bad enough, but even worse, he could be setting you up for a head-butt to the face. OUCH!

Don't let either one of these devastating attacks happen to you. In this technique I demonstrate how a well-placed strike is a quick and effective way to protect yourself against this common street attack. Watch the video demonstration, then read through the point-by-point explanation to learn exactly how this technique works.

Watch the video in "Full Screen" mode by clicking the little square button on the right side of the control panel, next to the volume control. Return to "normal" viewing mode at any time by pressing the "Esc" (escape) key on your keybord.

The Finer Points of the Defense Against
A Kneestrike or Headbutt

[Note: The following images are snapshots taken directly from the video, so some of them are a bit blurry. But, you can still see the important points of the technique.]

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 1

A grab & kneestrike is a very common street attack. The attacker grabs your clothing with both hands and pulls you into the kneestrike.

Step 2

The same type of grab may also be followed by something even worse than a kneestrike; a head-butt to the face.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 3

You can prevent both of these attacks by reacting immediately with an elbow strike. It doesn't even need to make contact, as long as you protect your head.

Step 4

As soon as the attacker grabs, deliver an elbow strike to the head. If you make contact, that's even better.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 5

Immediately follow the elbow strike with a backward hammer strike to the side of his head or neck. Let the strike carry your arm all the way around the back of his head.

Step 6

[Shown from reverse angle] Wrap your arm around his head and turn it into you for best results. Notice how opponent is on his toes as you straighten up and lift. He now has no base from which to fight back.

Now that you know how the technique works, I suggest you go back to the top of the page and watch the video again. Then you will truly understand how to put it all together.

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