Imagine the Pride of Wearing a Black Belt Earned in Budoshin Jujitsu Classes

The only way to earn a Black Belt in Budoshin Jujitsu is to attend our jujitsu classes. Are you ready to join the elite who have the dedication necessary to obtain a Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt? Are you ready to learn the most versatile, adaptable, and most powerful martial art ever devised?


Jujitsu is not hard to learn; it just requires the proper attitude.

So, what is the proper attitude required to earn a Black Belt in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu?

  1. Commitment – You must be willing to commit to jujitsu classes and to attending every training session.
  2. Dedication – You must have the determination to see it trough all the way to Black Belt and beyond. We would like to see all of our students one day become instructors.
  3. Desire – You must really want it, because it requires years of hard work and practice.

Contact a Budoshin Jujitsu Dojo Near You!

You need to contact a Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo right away to set up an appointment to visit a dojo and speak with an instructor! You will find contact information of authorized Budoshin Jujitsu classes listed in the directory of the American Jujitsu Association. Click on the site to find out more about that dojo.

American Jujitsu Association

"Why should I learn Ju-jitsu?"

Ju-jitsu will provide you with one of the world’s most powerful tools for self-defense, in order to protect yourself and the people you care about. The training you receive in Budoshin Jujitsu classes will also help you to develop confidence, self-respect, coordination and agility. These are just a few of the benefits you will begin to notice almost immediately upon your start of training.

Budoshin Ju-jitsu is especially valuable because it is designed for "Real People!" People, like you, who don’t have time to learn complicated, and physically demanding martial arts skills. A student of ju-jitsu does not have to be young, big, strong, fast, or in top physical condition to learn to use these self-defense techniques effectively. With training comes the confidence and assurance gained by knowing you can cope with any situation.

At Budoshin Jujitsu Martial Arts Schools You will Gain:

  • Confidence
  • Self-respect
  • Self-control
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • And First-Rate Self-Defense Skills

"Is Jujitsu difficult to learn?"

Not at all! Ju-jitsu is based on anatomical knowledge and basic principles of leverage. At our martial arts schools you will learn how simple, natural body movements can be turned into powerful tools for self-defense.

Instead of relying on your own size and strength, you will learn to use the attacker’s size and strength against him. That is why you do not need to be big or fast to learn and use ju-jitsu (unlike many other forms of martial arts). However, you will be amazed at how strong and fast you APPEAR to be, when you learn to apply the basic principles of Budoshin Ju-Jitsu!

"Do I have to make a commitment?"

Absolutely! To master the martial art of ju-jitsu requires a long-term commitment. Six months and a "green belt" will provide you with only a minimum of usable martial art skills. However, a dedicated student of ju-jitsu will begin to develop both the mental and physical skills needed to excel in the martial arts after approximately one year of training...

That's still three times faster than any other martial art!

It usually takes three to five years to reach the level of "Black Belt" and even then, you will have only mastered the basics. But, even the basics of jujitsu are exceedingly more powerful than the most advanced techniques taught in other martial arts schools!

The confidence and self-respect you will gain by obtaining a Black Belt in Budoshin Jujitsu is one of the most rewarding and most prestigious achievements you could ever attain! It is truly worth every minute of your training at our martial arts schools.

You will need to commit to several hours of jujitsu classes every week to learn and practice your techniques. The more you are willing to put into it, the more you will gain from your experience.

Are you ready to start your training in Budoshin Jujitsu?

Jujitsu Schools

If so, click here, or on the Logo to the right, for School Locations and Sign-up Information!

Or, perhaps you would like to read more about why Budoshin Jujitsu classes are the best place to get your martial arts instruction...

The Budoshin Advantage


bu·do·shin -- To conduct oneself responsibly; true to the code of the Samurai.

Budoshin Jujitsu is taught for "Real Life", modern day situations. These are not choreographed movie stunts. We don't waste your time with outdated tactics or unproven theories. Budoshin Ju-jitsu is highly adaptable to the user's capabilities, and we put you into the widest array of situations to test those capabilities. You will learn how the human body acts and reacts, and incorporate that understanding into the extremely effective and adaptable Budoshin system.

You will see how Budoshin Jujitsu classes give you a "Real Edge" against any attacker! Not only will you acquire technical expertise, but you will also develop a sound theoretical and philosophical background in the art. With continued training, you begin to execute the techniques effortlessly and automatically, gaining maximum efficiency with minimal effort. And more importantly: gaining Total Confidence in your abilities!

The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo


do·jo -- Japanese word for martial arts schools or training centers. A place for learning 'the way'.

In the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo, our sensei (instructors) teach a common core of basic techniques that every student must learn, as well as a wide variety of advanced techniques and principles. Our instructors have a unique ability to break down martial arts into a science, where every movement has a reason. This allows students to progress much more rapidly than with any other martial art training program. You will quickly develop a vast repertoire of techniques that fit any situation.

Even though the workout is rigorous, in our martial arts schools, jujitsu is taught in a relaxed environment where it is OK to make mistakes, since that is the best way to learn. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions. A student is never forced to endure hours of mindless drills with no practical purpose.

With every exercise, every situation, every lesson taught, your mind is opened to the very principles of how martial arts really work. In no time at all, you will not only be able to "see" the power of the Budoshin Jujitsu system, but you will be able to utilize your deep understanding of the art of Ju-jitsu to instinctively create spontaneous and unpredictable responses appropriate for any situation.

"We emphasize the complete understanding of Ju-jitsu principles and concepts."

Training in our Budoshin Jujitsu classes can truly give you a Real Edge on life!

San Fernando Valley
Martial Arts -- Black Belt -- Jujitsu Program
Now Taking Enrollments for New Students!
at our Van Nuys Location!

This is a LIMITED OFFER, since class sizes are purposely kept small. Learn Jujitsu from Mark Jordan, an internationally recognized expert in Jujitsu.

Click on this link to Get a Personal Invitation to
Join Our Jujitsu Program

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to join the elite who have the dedication necessary to obtain a Black Belt in our Budoshin Jujitsu classes? Are you ready to learn the most versatile, adaptable, and most powerful martial art ever devised?!

Jujitsu Schools
Then you need to contact a Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo right away to set up an appointment to visit a dojo and speak with an instructor! Click on the Logo to find jujitsu classes near you!

Find out exactly what you need to do to get started today!


Our fees are some of the most reasonable you will find for any martial arts instruction. You need to be able to protect yourself, and we want you to succeed. We don't want money to be the obstacle that stops you from achieving your goals. Martial arts instruction at any of our schools is assured to easily fit your budget.

Jujitsu School Locations

There is no better place to learn self-defense than at the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo. We have many locations to choose from.

Class Schedules

Jujitsu classes at most of our martial arts schools are held at convenient times in the evenings and on weekends. You will be able to fit your training into your busy schedule. We limit our class sizes. We keep them small so you get personal attention. This also means that classes fill quickly. Don't miss your chance, enroll today!

Jujitsu Schools

Click on the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo Logo to find a martial arts school near you.

What?! You can't find jujitsu classes in your area?

Don't despair! You can still earn your Black Belt in Budoshin Jujitsu through the only authorized correspondence course offering legitimate Ju-jitsu training.

The basic Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Home Study Course by Professor George Kirby, 10th degree Black Belt in Budoshin Jujitsu, consists of a set of 8 training DVDs that take you from Beginner to Black Belt in the fastest time possible. The Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Study Course is available to anyone interested in studying the art of Budoshin Jujitsu.

Get Your
Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt
Home Study Course


In addition to Personal 1-on-1 Instruction for you and a Training Partner, Instructional materials (in the Deluxe Package) include:

  • Black Belt Budoshin Ju-Jitsu: Eight instructional DVDs, professionally produced by Panther Productions, which will carefully guide you through all of the techniques required for each belt-rank promotion up through Shodan [1st degree black belt] in Budoshin Jujitsu. Careful review of the DVDs can get you up to Nidan [2nd degree black belt].
  • Student and Black Belt Handbooks: Developed through 30+ years of on-mat experience and teaching by the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo Inc., which includes testing requirements for all ranks up through Shodan and beyond. These handbooks walk you step-by-step through the entire process of progressing through the various ranks.
  • Kokoro: The quarterly newsletter of the BJJY [plus back issues], which answers questions submitted by students to the BJJY, providing information on upcoming events such as seminars & other activities, and occasional articles written by students.
  • Online BJJY Forum now available exclusively for BJJY members. BJJY members can post inquiries & information that other members can read and respond to.
  • AND a complete 5-year BJJY Membership Package

Remember: the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai is the ONLY organization authorized to assist you in earning your black belt in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu using this correspondence course!

Get Your
Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt
Home Study Course


As good as this deal is, it's never as good as getting face-to-face instruction in the dojo. If you are within reasonable driving distance, you will want to get your training in an authorized Budoshin Jujitsu dojo!

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