Jujitsu Arm Wheel Throw

[Ude Guruma]

In this variation of the jujitsu arm-wheel throw, I demonstrate how a well-placed strike is a quick and effective way to off-balance an opponent. This technique uses a hammer strike to the face or shoulder to begin the takedown. The follow-through is what makes the opponent go down. Watch the video demonstration, then read through the point-by-point explanation to learn exactly how this technique works.

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The Finer Points of the Arm Wheel Throw

[Note: The following images are snapshots taken directly from the video, so some of them are a bit blurry. But, you can still see the important points of the technique.]

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 1

A big "round-house" punch is easy to deal with because you can see it coming and you have more time to react.

Step 2

Move off the line of attack! Notice how I move to the right and protect my head with my left hand.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 3

Grabbing the arm with your left hand will give you added leverage for the takedown, but it also prevents him from using it to block your strike.

Step 4

The move to the right also puts me in the perfect position to counter-attack with a hammer strike to the head or shoulder. Here, I strike the shoulder.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 5

The hammer strike, if done properly, is an incredibly powerful strike, causing the opponent's back to arch and the shoulder to drop. He is now off balance and ready for the takedown.

Step 6

The follow-through is the most important part of this technique. Strike as if you are trying to knock him all the way to the ground, which is exactly what you are doing.

Jujitsu Moves

Jujitsu Moves

Step 7

Pivot your body to the left and pull on his arm as you drive his upper body back and down.

Step 8

Finish with any hold or submission. I am demonstrating a triangle wrist-lock here.

Now that you know how the technique works, I suggest you go back to the top of the page and watch the video again. Then you will truly understand how to put it all together.

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