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We have all seen the gun defense demonstrations where the instructor quickly disarms a would-be attacker. Most of the techniques shown for weapons disarms make for great entertainment, and work great in the dojo, but would never actually work in the real world.

The "mantra" of weapons defense seems to be "control the weapon". Most people have come to believe that means you must always go straight for the weapon and always take it away from the attacker. But, that doesn't always make sense in every situation. Often, going for the weapon will force you into a struggle with the attacker, and that will always lead to bad results.

The truth is, no attacker will give up his weapon as easily as many would have you believe.

The following Gun defense technique shows how it is possible to "control the weapon" without ever touching it. The concept requires an understanding of body mechanics, and how to keep the weapon away from you by manipulating the attacker, not the weapon.

[Side Note: Engaging an attacker who has a weapon is an extremely risky move. There are many factors to consider before making such a decision, and I don't have time to go into the details of setting up this technique. By demonstrating this technique, I am assuming you have considered all of the options and concluded you have no other choice.]

With a gun at your back (image 1), you would normally want to turn to your right, because the attacker probably has the gun in his right hand, and turning right will give you easy access to the gun.

Jujitsu Gun Defense
Image #1

Unfortunately, the attacker may be holding onto your shirt or jacket with his left hand (image 2). If you turned right you would end up in his grasp and struggling with the gun between the two of you. Therefore, you have no choice but to turn to your left. By turning your body quickly, you get out of the line-of-fire, so if the gun goes off, you won't get shot in the back.

Jujitsu Gun Defense
Image #2

Immediately grab his left arm or sleeve at the elbow with your left hand (image 3) and pull it down (image 4). You can see how this action turns his body, and more importantly, puts his body between you and the gun. By quickly moving behind your attacker, he cannot turn the gun toward you in that direction. If he still wants to shoot you, he has to try and turn the other way, or bring the gun up toward your head (image 5).

Jujitsu Gun Defense

Image #3

Jujitsu Gun Defense
Image #4

Jujitsu Gun Defense

Image #5

Because you are behind the attacker, you can easily see what he intends to do, and you are in a much better position to counter any move he makes. At this point you can go for the gun as he brings it up, but I prefer to ignore the gun. The reason I don't worry about the gun in this type of gun defense is because I can take his eyes out long before the gun is ever raised in my direction (image 6, that is why this technique is practiced with safety glasses).

Jujitsu Gun Defense
Image #6

Now I simply push him away from me, and RUN! It doesn't matter that he still has the gun.

He can't shoot what he can't see!

If you like this gun defense technique and would like to learn more like it, click on this link to find out how.

[These are not staged photos. They were taken while I was talking and instructing how to do the technique. That is the reason for the strange facial expressions.]

Title: Gun Defense

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