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Contact Information:

San Fernando Valley Martial Arts
7054 Gerald Ave., Unit B
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: (818) 255-6020

Corporate Officers:

  • Mark Jordan, Head Instructor
  • Steven Castorena, Instructor

Click on this link to see a brief biography of each of the board members.

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San Fernando Valley Martial Arts

You will also find links to other Budoshin Jujitsu schools on that page. However, it should be noted that those schools are called "Budoshin" because of the style of jujitsu taught, and not because of any affiliation to Mark Jordan and San Fernando Valley Martial Arts.


It may seem that we are somewhat "secretive" about giving out information of our class locations. Be assured that we have nothing to hide and we very much want you to join our programs. However, some of our teaching locations involve Public & Private Schools and Colleges (and some "Members Only" organizations) that are not open to the general public. Please respect the dominion of these facilities and always ask for permission or an appointment to visit classes, unless you are already a member. After all, we must always be conscious of the safety of our children. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Mark A. Jordan, Rokudandan
San Fernando Valley Martial Arts

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