Private and Semi-private Budoshin Jujitsu Classes

Whether you're looking for a discrete environment where you can learn martial arts in private, or if you just want that extra attention you get from personal training with a true jujitsu master, you will find what you need at San Fernando Valley Martial Arts.

Train with Master Instructor Mark Jordan, or one of his hand-picked and personally trained instructors.

These private lessons will quickly put you in control of any situation. With the power of 35 years of martial arts experience, and knowledge that only a handful of true masters know, Mark Jordan, Shihan, will arm you with crushing jujitsu skills that will immediately destroy any opponent. No one else teaches these devastating techniques.

Others make big claims and promises, but only Master Instructor Mark Jordan can deliver.

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Here's Your Best Deal Ever!

Semi-private Lessons

Get a friend to join in and save big!

Unlike other martial arts where you can practice techniques and drills by yourself, you can't effectively practice jujitsu techniques without a training partner. You can train with one other person and still get personal attention from a master instructor. And the best part is, you'll pay a LOT less than with fully private lessons.

This is absolutely the best martial arts training you can possibly find!

Starting at as little as:

$325.00 per month (per person)

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[NOTE: If you don't have a training partner, or you can't get a friend to join, we'll help you find one. Sign up for our training partner search list.]