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Below are just a few of the most commaly asked questions regarding the website:

Q: Do you have a school in my area?

A: We have two schools (dojo) located in the Los Angeles, California area:

North Hollywood (Studio City)
Santa Clarita (Canyon Country)

If you are interested in Budoshin Jujitsu, please check this link:

Budoshin Schools

For other jujitsu schools, please check this link:

American Ju-Jitsu Association

For Essential Self Defense and other styles of martial arts, please check these links:

The Self Defense Company

Q: Can you help me find a school in my area?

A: No. I cannot make any recommendations other than the schools listed in the above directories listed on If you don't find anything listed in your area, check your local directories.

See the links listed above to find training in your area.

Q: Do you offer a correspondence course or long-distance training?

A: Yes. We offer one of the best and most reputable programs you will ever find. Go to Budoshin Jujitsu Home Study Course for more information.

Q: Do you offer more than one program?

A: Yes. At our Studio City, California location we offer
Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Program
Essential Self Defense; short program
Combat Jujitsu Bootcamp

Q: Do you teach children?

A: No. The minimum age to start training in Budoshin Jujitu or Essential Self-Defense is thirteen (13) years old.
The minimum age to start training in Combat Jujitsu is eighteen (18) years old. No exceptions.

Q: What is the difference between Brazilian Jujitsu and Budoshin Jujitsu?

A: There are several fundamental differences, but the short answer is; Brazilian Jujitsu is an adapted form of traditional jujitsu designed for sport competition.

Budoshin Jujitsu is a comprehensive traditional Japanese jujitsu designed for street self defense.

There is much more information on this topic throughout this website. You may want to read some of the "Articles" about it (click on the button on the left side of this page).

Q: Is Combat Jujitsu good for self defense?

A: Yes, and No. The purpose of self defense is to "get away" unharmed, even if that means running away (which is often your best option).

Combat Jujitsu starts with the assumption that you cannot run away. You must dominate the enemy (as in military combat), or control the suspect (as in law enforcement).

More Q&A comming soon...

If you don't find the answers to your questions here, use the Contact Form on the "Contact Us" page and we will try to help you.

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